Our problem here, is to find the k-max values in a very large dataset of n elements without duplicates such as k << n.

In this article I will explain how I implemented a modified version of the java PriorityQueue to solve the given problem.

Illustration of combining PriorityQueue and HashMap for an Integer object.

The first idea was to solve the problem using a TreeSet. It has many advantages such as ordered sorting and it does not allow duplicates. However according to the Java Doc inserting or checking if an element is already inside has a complexity of O(log n). …

The idea is to detect facial expression such as blinking one eye, to perform action(s) on an Android device.

Facial expression as gesture pipeline

In this article I will show how I created a simple application allowing the user to scroll forward by blinking with his left eye, and scrolling backward by blinking with his right eye. I will cover the main principle without entering in depth in the implementation to keep it simple.

Detect Facial expression

Through the Google ML Kit, we can use the Mobile Vision API to add Face Tracking to an application. Google provides a simple sample on GitHub. The given example is an…


French student in engineering school.

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